Alien versus Predator Classic 2000 free for 48 hours is taking its first steps towards a comprehensive, Steam-like ecosystem today, with the reveal of Galaxy - a new desktop client for the popular online video game retailer.

Ostensibly to help them test out the multiplayer infrastructure of the new systems, they've announced that they're giving away Alien Versus Predator Classic 2000 to anyone who heads over to the website and signs up for the beta.

It's not just a free game - it's a declaration that are still about Good Old Games, despite scrapping that name back in 2012. They'll no doubt be hoping to reassure existing customers that their DRM-free store will not be heading down the same, restrictive path that Steam has dominated for over a decade now, and that sentiment is strong in the reveal trailer for the new, optional, client.

This announcement comes just a day after's Linux library passed 100 available games, adding support for games like Baldur's Gate 2, and the Double Fine catalogue.