Pixelly battler Warlocks gets funded

Hold onto your wizarding hat - One More Level's 2D magic-battler has successfully achieved its Kickstarter goal, earning just over $26,400 to aid development.

The game - which will feature single-player, as well as competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes - puts you in control of one of ten of the titular warlocks, carving your way through hordes of enemies in an epic quest to defeat the evil 'Shadow' virus.

It all started last year as free downloadable Risk of Death, described by designer Dushan Chaciej as "Risk of Rain + wizards." Shortly afterwards, a team was put together and Warlocks was born.

The game is scheduled for a release in February 2015, but there's an early playable demo available on the official website if you're interested in seeing what it's like in motion.