Garry's Mod has sold over 6,000,000 copies

Although the news flew under the radar a bit, it seems Garry's Mod, the ever-popular physics playground, sold its 6,000,000th copy recently.

For those interested in the platform split:
Total units - 6,009,970
Total units from Mac - 336,765
Total units from Linux - 28,322

Originally released as a free Half-Life 2 mod in December of 2004 (barely a month after the game came out!) Garry's Mod quickly transformed into a paid-for Steam release just two years later. Since then it has seen use as everything from a machinima auteur's dream-tool, to an easy-to-use platform for crudely violating Alyx Vance with a watermelon. Unsurprisingly, it's a permanent fixture in Steam's Top 10 games by player count, even today.

Congratulations to Garry for his success so far, and if you're the celebratory sort I encourage you to boot it up, and pose a ragdoll in some sort of compromising position. It's just the done thing, isn't it?