DayZ producer weighs in on community disillusionment

A forum thread, titled 'Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?,' appeared on the official DayZ forums back in June. Since then, it's been gradually picking up steam (no pun intended), with certain participants not quite grasping the concept of 'early access,' apparently thinking that it means the game is just released, fully-formed, earlier than normal through some combination of community support and wizardry.

Fortunately, straight-talking producer Brian Hicks has finally stepped in to clear up any confusion:
You are not playing DayZ, you are playing development builds. Early development builds.

DayZ is 11 months into principle development, on what should be a 3 year standard development cycle. I can't force you to be a fan of DayZ, but I can call this out:

Defining or judging what DayZ is by a build so early in its development is much a kin to judging a painting within the first few brush strokes.

He also added:
We are still aiming for end of 2014 to hit our beta phase entry. You can be certain the weekly status reports will keep everyone updated on that.

Despite his comments, there have still been a number of newer replies complaining that, gosh darn it, DayZ just isn't being made fast enough!

The topic has now been locked, which is probably for the best.