Piranha Games teases something new

Piranha Games, developer of MechWarrior Online, has launched one of those hype-building countdown websites over at

The countdown, due to reach zero sometime on Tuesday (12:00 PDT, 20:00 BST), will reveal some kind of sci-fi space flight game. It didn't take long for someone to work out that entering 'I AM HUMAN' into the website reveals the following text:

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bryan Ekman, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Piranha Games. 14 years ago I founded Piranha Games with my business partner Russ Bullock to build exciting and engaging games that we love to play. Piranha is best known for our latest endeavor — MechWarrior Online, an online free-to-play giant robot combat game. MechWarrior Online's incredibly successful Founder's Program proved that we can work directly with our backers to help build a game for the community.

On Sep 9th, 2014 at 12:00PM PDT we invite you to join us for the reveal of our next project. It's a big one, it's going to be the largest production ever undertaken here at Piranha, and we want YOU to be part of it.

It's epic, it's online, it's sci-fi.

Just below you will find a registration form. Filling out this form will register you for our new game and grant you an exclusive in-game item when the finished product goes live. By registering now, you can also name your Pilot – yes that's right, pilot. Ok, no more spoilers…

I look forward to the future, and our journey to the stars.

If I'm reading it correctly, it looks like Piranha are throwing their hat into the ever-growing ring of space flight games. The competition is pretty stiff, between Elite: Dangerous, EVE: Valkyrie, Star Citizen, No Man's Sky, and more, so it'll be interesting to see how this potential new contender stacks up.