Train Simulator 2015 will be a free upgrade for owners of 2014

On Monday we reported that Train Simulator 2015 will be coming this September.

It's now been confirmed via Twitter that owners of Train Simulator 2014 will be getting upgraded to the new edition for free.

Existing owners of TS2014 will indeed get TS2015 core technology for free

This is the same great deal enjoyed by owners of TS2013 when the current version was released, but shares the same caveat: the free update will not include any of the new trains or tracks that you would get if you bought the game as new.

So while you should get access to the new 'TS Academy' training feature, you won't be able to play with the new Hitachi trains, or the three new routes (New York to New Haven, London to Peterborough, and Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen), without buying them as separate DLC. Seems fair to me.

If you're itching to try TS2014 out now, it's currently 65% off on Steam.