'Final version' of Watch_Dogs graphical mod released

It's been a little over a month since Federico 'TheWorse' Rojas made the first release of his graphical mod for Ubi's Watch_Dogs, and - as well as giving the game's graphics a noticeable boost - it made quite a stink regarding deliberate downgrading of cross-platform releases.

Regardless of any possible dirty dealings, though, he kept working on his mod to drag as much extra out of the game as he could. In a post on his blog this weekend, though, he's finally said he has done all he can, and he's taking a well-earned break.

I did my best to improve graphics and performance as much as I could without degrading the quality. ... I hope you guys enjoy the game.

The final 'Version 1.0' release of TheWorse Mod can be found here, with two versions available depending on whether or not you want higher resolution textures as well (courtesy of graphical wizard MaLDo).