BlueStreak is a F2P arena shooter from newly-founded Boss Key Productions

Cliff Bleszinski, better known as CliffyB (but not to his face) and famous for his work on the Unreal and Gears of War franchises, recently decided to come out of retirement from the games industry and formed a new development house - Boss Key Productions.

In an AMA on Reddit, he's now announced the very first project for this new company: a free-to-play arena FPS called BlueStreak (which admittedly sounds more like a brand of pregnancy test).

Along with snippets of information like the game being developed for 'PC first,' Cliff was keen to distance himself from the 'dudebro' stylings of the Gears franchise.
I have a document I've been working on that is targeting having characters for all sorts of different tastes, not just BroZone.

Regarding the ever-contentious issue of microtransactions, he also had this to say:
Free to Play is one of those genres that means something entirely different depending on the game. For every model that feels like Las Vegas methods (Zynga, Candy Crush) there's folks who do it right, like League of Legends, or WarFrame. ... So we'll experiment, tweak, tune, and most importantly, build a positive community around the game as we develop it.

This is all particularly interesting news, given the recent announcement of a new, free-to-play Unreal Tournament game, and both releases looking to use Unreal Engine 4. We could be in for some fascinating competition...