Fallout 3 completed in record time

In a feat of gaming, speedrunner BubblesDelFuego has beaten the world record for finishing Fallout 3. Relying on a variety of techniques, he went from the start of the game to the end in just 23 minutes and 55 seconds, trouncing his previous best of 24m 20s.

According to the generally accepted rules of so called 'Any%' speedrunning, glitches and exploits are permitted, provided they can be performed by anyone without modifying the game itself. The main techniques used for this Fallout 3 playthrough rely on judicious use of the quicksave and quickload features to skip dialogue and even move through walls.

Those of you who want to try out some of the tricks yourselves, or are just interested in how it was achieved, can check out an FAQ written by the man himself.