Want to play VVVVVV for frEEEEEE?

Terry Cavanagh has revealed, via the official distractionware blog, a free new edition of hair-tearingly frustrating platformer VVVVVV.

The new version, subtitled Make and Play Edition, includes the same gameplay and fully-featured level editor, but removes the standard set of levels and replaces them with a selection of community efforts. Cavanagh says he was inspired by other games like Knytt Stories and DROD: Architect's Edition, which both provide level creation tools to the community completely free of charge.
People have done some really incredible things with the VVVVVV editor. I want to share that work as far and wide as I can!

Want to play VVVVVV for frEEEEEE?

Along with that release, the paid version of the game has been bumped to version 2.2, which fixes a number of bugs and adds Steam achievements.

Get VVVVVV: Make and Play Edition for free over at the official blog.