Hatoful Boyfriend is getting an English translation

If you've ever felt like there are some games that you just don't 'get', you're not alone. Here's 2011 Japan-exclusive Hatoful Boyfriend - a dating simulator in which you play as the only girl at an all-boys school for pigeons, developed by PigeoNation Inc.. You can't make this stuff up.

Hatoful Boyfriend is getting an English translation

Although it was only ever released in Japanese, there was an unofficial English patch (and even a sequel). Now, the game has been picked up by Devolver Digital, publishers of Hotline Miami and the recent Shadow Warrior reboot, for a 100% official English release.

"Our research proves it. The players are tired of Space Marine and Dragons. New and original, that's what they expect."

The new version will be out on Steam,, other digital stores some time this summer.