Fuck This Jam concludes

It's a marvellous concept - take the idea of a game jam, where developers work tirelessly on labours of love, but force said developers to make something in a genre they despise. That's the theory behind the brusquely-named Fuck This Jam, which ran from 31/05 - 06/06.

56 entries were uploaded to the official FTJ, and they can all be downloaded and played for free.

Fuck This Jam concludes

Some highlights include:

  • Foot-To-Ball N+1 - A simplistic, but hilarious football game. Best with a friend and two controllers.

  • Like Clockwork - "I don't like JRPGs. I wrote a big list of reasons why, then made them into a game."

  • Narcoleptic Truck Driver 2014 - One for fans of Desert Bus.

  • CARPG - A simple but intriguing meld of racing and turn-based battling.

  • Isolation - A 2D horror adventure.

  • Antidating Sim - A dating sim which gives you the task of breaking up with your girlfriend.

Let us know if you've got any personal favourites!