Duskers gets funded

Misfits Attic, the developers of A Virus Named TOM, have just announced that their second game, Duskers, has been successfully funded.

A sci-fi roguelike in which you remotely control drones, the game will have you trying to survive as you explore derelict starships - a prospect which will probably have fans of Space Hulk intrigued. Combat doesn't seem like it will be a focus though, with developer Tim Keenan saying:
By the time you see an enemy it's usually too late, so the emphasis is on avoiding or outsmarting enemies.

The original pitch video is below, although do keep in mind that the visuals shown in the video are placeholders and presumably the final game will look far less clinical.

There's very little in the way of information available on the official website as of yet, but I'll wager it's something to keep an eye on.