Lucas Pope announces Return of the Obra Dinn

Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope has lifted the lid on his next project - a 1st-person, nautical mystery entitled Return of the Obra Dinn.

Set in 1808, the game is about a ghost ship, the titular Obra Dinn, which drifts into port damaged and without the crew. You'll be put in the shoes of an insurance adjuster for the East India Company's London Office, tasked with recovering the captain's logbook from the doomed vessel. Spooky stuff.

Lucas Pope announces Return of the Obra Dinn

It won't be the typical "collect items and look for clues" structure. There's a slightly cool gameplay hook but I won't go into details on that until much later.

Interestingly, Pope is currently shooting for a 1-bit graphical style, which he says is an homage to the limitations of the Mac Plus he grew up with. It certainly looks striking, although I can't help but wonder if it'll get in the way of gameplay.

You can follow development as it happens over at the TIGSource forums.