Final Fantasy III to arrive on Steam soon

Square Enix have announced that beloved RPG Final Fantasy III will be coming to Steam 'soon'.

Final Fantasy III to arrive on Steam soon

While the game was originally a Japan-exclusive release in the series back in 1990, this PC version features new 3D graphics that show Squeenix have been busy re-building the entire game from the ground up. If you're a series fan, you'll likely see this as either a pleasing labour of love for the developer's back catalogue, or a heinous and unforgivable affront against the original's charming pixel art.

Either way, both camps will probably be ecstatic to hear that they'll also get access to Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. Probably.

Note that this isn't the same Final Fantasy III as was released for the SNES in North America under that title back in 1994; that was actually Final Fantasy VI (while Final Fantasy II in the USA was really Final Fantasy IV). If you're a bit confused, you aren't the only one.

There's no official release date yet, but Steam Store page is already live.