Temple of the Abyssal Winds is an upcoming old-school CRPG

Indie developer Geoff Dunbar, under the guise of Merry Prankster Games, has announced a new fantasy CRPG called Temple of the Abyssal Winds. Currently scheduled for release on PC and iPad in 2014, the first chapter of the game will be available for free, with five more available if you purchase the full version.

As well as a complex role-playing system and real-time tactical battling, the game will also feature a 'strong, story-driven plot'. Stop me if you've heard this one before:
Twenty years ago, the demoness Urgoroth rose to power from the depths of the Temple of the Abyssal Winds. She was defeated, but your parents were lost in the conflict.
Your aunt and uncle have raised you in the small village of Tomm's Crossing, where life has been mostly peaceful. Until now…

Genre clichés aside, Temple of the Abyssal Winds could well be something fans of classic CRPGs should keep an eye on; like the much-loved Avernum and Geneforge series by Spiderweb Software, TotAW may just scratch that old-school itch.

More information on the game is available on the official website.