FarSky surfaces on the 25th of April

When they discover that I can't swim, most people find it difficult to understand.
'Once you're in the water it's lovely,' they say. 'It's beautiful - like another world.'
'I don't want to go in the water,' I say.

After all, there are things in there. Horrible things like sharks, jellyfish, and peculiarly-shaped coral. Frankly, I find the idea of spending any amount of time in the depths of a large body of water terrifying. For everyone else, though, there's FarSky.

Taking control of a diver lost at sea after a submarine mishap, FarSky gives you the freedom to explore, gather, and build in a gorgeously generated underwater environment which seems like a combination of Minecraft and BioShock. The trailer also shows some pretty thrilling-looking combat with fish, which is not a sentence I get to use very often.

The game is currently available in beta form from the official website, and purchases of the beta will include access to the final game when it comes out on Friday.