Brutal Doom to get brutal-er

'Sergeant Mark IV' has emerged, from what I imagine was a blood-soaked development frenzy, to let us know about the imminent update of the Brutal Doom modification for Id Software's pioneering shooter.

Bringing the version number to an impressively round 'v20', the upcoming release will add new 'ragdoll' effects to the shotgun, hurling enemies backwards after close-range shots, as well as a completely re-worked chainsaw.

These gore-machines are also joined by a litany of smaller performance improvements. To quote the developer:
"V20 will be a ****ing huge improvement over absolutely everything."

As always Brutal Doom is not for the faint of heart. Check out this video of the updated chainsaw, if you think you can stomach it.

There's no official release date other than 'soon', but regular updates can be found via the mod's official Facebook page.