Kero Blaster releasing next month

If you've been keeping an eye on what Cave Story developer Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya has been up to, you may have heard talk of something by the name of Gero Blaster.

Fans of crunchy, pixellated platformers should rejoice, because the project has finally come to fruition (albeit with a slight name change), and Kero Blaster will be available for purchase from the 11th May.

It looks like the game features more than a slight nod towards classic 8-bit platformers, and will no doubt also draw comparisons to recent hits like VVVVVV. Whether the gameplay can match up or not is another matter, of course, but Pixel has a good track record so far.

Incidentally, according to my "thorough" research, the name change may well have been because 'gero', as well as being the sound a frog makes, happens to mean vomit in Japanese. Whoops.