'Mad Max' in pre-alpha phase, dev promises unique gameplay

Avalanche Studios, developer on the upcoming action title Mad Max, has promised unique gameplay around every turn.

In a recent interview with Siliconera, the game's senior designer Peter Johansson confirmed that the game is in its pre-alpha phase. Johansson also confirmed that Max's primary means of travel in the game is his vehicle "Magnum Opus".

Speaking of vehicles, Johnasson also stated that the transition between on-foot travel and vehicle travel is pretty much seamless.
“I think, traditionally, these types of Max Max-like games have been shooters. There have also been vehicular elements, but they’ve either been separate or not as pronounced.

“But to us, this mix of vehicle combat, and on foot combat, each presented equally, plus a seamless transition between the two… I think that is going to be very, very unique.

“In one moment you can be engaged in this car situations, you have people jumping onto of your vehicle, trying to pull you out, or maybe they manage to damage it, which pretty much forces you out… this combat is going to continue seamlessly.

“Them getting out of their cars and engaging in combat with you, with melee weapons, with their fists… to me that is really exciting.”
Magnum Opus will be the only car you can "own" in the game, there will be over 50 driveable vehicles for you to explore with.

Check out the game's recently revealed gameplay.