'DayZ' dev doesn't think modding is on the decline

Matt Lightfoot, developer of the upcoming DayZ standalone title, has gone on record stating that modding is not on the decline.

Lightfoot, during a recent interview with AusGamers, was responding to recent comments by DICE's Patrick Bach who stated that the PC modding community is on the decline.
“We’re still coming to terms with some of things,” Lightfoot stated.

“People are still streaming DayZ, and getting thousands of followers every night, and this is on a buggy mod for a three year old game — we just didn’t think it was going to happen.”

“The exec producer on Battlefield: Bad Company said something along the lines of “modding is dead”; well we certainly buried it alive didn’t we.

“I loved ArmA because of the customisability: you could download a mod and get a new aircraft — there was so many mods for it, and that’s what kept me playing. I’ve sunk thousands of hours into ArmA before DayZ even came about, and it expanded the lifecycle of the game indefinitely.

“So I certainly don’t think modding is dead. When you look at Half-Life and Black Mesa on the Source Engine, these things are huge games. So I don’t think it’s likely to die in the foreseeable future.”
Bach's original comments were made not to offend but to merely comment, as stated here;
“It’s sad to say. We’ve seen some cool mods but since games are getting more complicated to build, it’s also getting more complicated to mod them, so it’s a declining trend as we see it. Sad but true.”
What do you think? Is the modding community falling fast?

Via VG247