'Hawken' gets new update, includes Facility map

Adhesive Games have released a new update for their shooter title, Hawken, including a brand new map.

Here's what's included:


- Increased all mechs starting armor by 50:
Designer's Note: We wanted to increase time-to-kill (TTK) for all mechs and decided on a flat rate over a percentage. With too large of a percentage, trying to kill a Type-C mech would push overheating limits. If we made the percentage too small, the TTK for Type-A mechs will still be too short. We'll be watching for player feedback and gameplay data to determine if this first step towards a TTK sweet spot is in need of tweaking in future patches.


- New map "Facility"
- Available for Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault, and Deathmatch.
- Facility-only servers will also be available as Custom Servers for a limited time.
- New Facility map Service Awards available to unlock.
- Assorted map collision and art adjustments, mostly focused on Front Line.


- NEW Repair Drone: RD-0RB1T
- NEW Thruster: JT-Bowshock
- NEW Camouflages: Ash-GRY, Badlands-BRN, Fatigue-GRN, Granite-PCH, Survival-GRN, Tide-BLU
- Holo Taunts
- Increased duration from 7 to 10 seconds.
- Increased size by 10%.


- Blockade
- Decreased armor from 1000 to 750.
- Increased duration from 13 to 15 seconds.
- Repair Charge
- Decreased absorption rate by 30% This change applies to all health orbs as well.


- Mech Indicators
- Increased size of ability icons and callsigns.
- Enemy health bar indicator will now always display as long as you can see their callsign.
- Radar
- Enemy turrets show up on your radar if they are firing. The detection distance is the same as an enemy firing.

General Improvements

- Added option to view others pilots' Profile and Achievements as long as they're in your Friend List. Right-click on the pilot's callsign in your Friend List to view.
- Added taunting to post-match results screen. Press "G" to Mech Taunt and "H" to Holo Taunt. Additionally, press "Left Shift" to fire up your thrusters, and "C" to show your repair animation.
- Text added to Ready Up Screen to denote that auto-balance is turned on.
- Test Drives
- Test Drive mechs will be automatically redeemed to your inventory for the Test Drive period.
- Expired Test Drive mechs will be updated and auto-redeemed as well.
- Automatically redeeming Test Drives mechs can be disabled as an option in the Settings menu.
- Added option to show or hide expired Test Drive mechs in the Your Mechs pane.
- Graphics optimizations including weapon projectiles, weapon trails, weapon impacts, explosions, thrusters, map textures, lighting, and more.
- Graphics updates for Helix Repair Torch, Blockade, and Redox-O2 as well as some mech textures and PhysX materials in maps.
- Audio tweaks including impact sounds, radio chatter distortions, and more.
- Swapping weapons in the Garage now has an animation and shimmer effect.
- Cleaned up localization text.

Bugs Fixed

- TOW Missile and Detonator projectiles will no longer pass through Type-C mechs in turret mode.
- Holograms now display desaturated paint camos.
- Players will now be informed that they will not receive MVP awards if there are less than four people in the match. "MVP: Not Enough Players" will now display on the Post Match Stats page if there were not enough players to give out the XP reward.
- The Submachine Cannon is no longer partially invisible.
- A tower on top of the Prosk base is no longer missing segments.