Rumor: Team Bondi closed

L.A. Noire developer, Team Bondi, has apparently been closed down according to reports.

Reports over at Player Attack and MCV cited anonymous sources stating that the studio was closed after failing to find a publisher for their next project, Whore of the Orient.

The reports also state that most of staff has been let go after the studio failed to find financial backing for upcoming projects. However, the same reports state that the project may be revived if the money is secured and staff is re-hired.

Whore of the Orient was first announced back in 2011 and was expected to be released on next generation consoles in 2015.

After Team Bondi's last project, L.A. Noire, was released reports of staff mistreatment came out that led to the studio going into administration in 2011, four months after the game's release. Reports of staff not being paid for work on the game and Brian McNamara was let go. Most of the studio's assets were subsequently purchased by film production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell.

We'll keep you posted.

Via VG247