New 'Company of Heroes 2' pre-orders revealed

SEGA have announced some pre-order bonuses for their upcoming PC title, Company of Heroes 2.

If you plop down some early money for the title at supporting retailers you'll receive a "Theater of War" mini-campaign that will follow the same storyline. You will also receive the bonus "Winter Ambush" and "Voronezh Front" skins for their vehicles in multiplayer.

Pre-orders will also receive two new commanders on the German and Russian side. The German "Joint Operations Doctrine" will give players precision artillery bombardments. The "Offensive Spearhead Doctrine" will give players heavy armor and airstrike boosts.

If you're on the Russian side you'll be able to use the "Anti-Infantry Tactics Doctrine" which will give them access to the flamethrower tanks while the "Conscript Support Tactics Doctrine" will give you rapid reinforcements.

Company of Heroes 2 is out in June.