'DOTA 2' gets updated, brings new character

Valve's DOTA 2 has been updated to include a bunch of new features but also brings a new character with it as well, Bristleback.

The character, who's full name is Rigwarl the Bristleback, he's a half man, half pig, half hedgehog. He can throw quills from his back blow snot out of his nose. He's a lean mean menacing machine.

Here are the full patch notes:


- Broodmother: Fixed Insatiable Hunger cooldown on level 1 and 3
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Blood armor bonus not carrying over to Illusions
- Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune
- Doom: Fixed Doom damage being blocked by Pipe
- Enchantress: Fixed Nature's Attendants lasting 1 second less than intended
- Huskar: Fixed Life Break leap moving too fast
- Magnus: Fixed Shockwave hitting units behind you
- Mirana: Fixed Mirana's Leap range being slightly too short
- Nyx Assassin: Fixed Impale traveling too far
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed being able to have 1 juxtapose illusion too many
- Razor: Fixed Static Link break range being 25 too short
- Shadow Shaman: Fixed Shackles doing a little less damage than intended
- Slark: Fixed Pounce not initiating an attack order on the leashed targets
- Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld buff getting dispelled
- Visage: Fixed Familiars not getting affected by Chronospheres
- Weaver: Fixed being The Swarm units being unable to latch onto sleeping units
- Weaver: Fixed The Swarm getting permanently dispelled if the enemy is invulnerable
- Weaver: Fixed The Swarm units not doing their initial attack immediately upon latching
- Added Pseudo Random chance for Roshan's Bash
- Fixed Eye of Skadi frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune
- Fixed Diffusal Blade proccing multiple damage instances
- Fixed heroes flickering on the minimap when walking by Sentry Wards while under Smoke of Deceit.


- Pausing in a practice or tournament game now prevents the team that paused from querying units, moving the camera or accessing the shop.
- Added ability and item notes, detailed tooltips that will display only if ALT is pressed.
- Adjusted Replay Highlight scene leadin time a bit.
- Arcane Boots now has ‘mana’ as a shop alias.
- Wisp name change to Io.
- Added 10 second rewind button to replay controls.
- Spectator Items panel now takes up less space and shows items ordered by value.
- Steam friends can be added, removed, and friendship requests confirmed/ignored from within Dota 2.


- New Vengeful Spirit model.
- Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Gem of True Sight, Observer Wards, and Sentry Wards.


- Added Bounty Hunter bot.
- Significantly revised how Roam mode works.


- Revised Beastmaster’s voice.

DOTA 2 Store

- Added the Treasure Key of the Cursed Wood and the Treasure Key of the Shaper Divine.
- Several old keys have returned to the store along with a very low drop rate for some older community chests.
- The current set of community crates will no longer expire, but their drop rate will be decreased over time and their rarity increased over time.
- Added new sets for Brewmaster, Lich, Riki, Juggernaut, Beastmaster, and Spectre.
- Added a couple new couriers!

Via PCGamesN