'Battlefield 4' reveal, gameplay video

Electronic Arts revealed Battlefield 4 last night at the Metreon Theater in San Francisco, releasing a gameplay video that looks superb.

The game runs on the Frostbite 3 engine with EA Games vice-president Patrick Suderlund stating;
“We helped define multiplayer for the FPS genre, and today, we are still passionate about what defining gaming really is,” he said after the presentation was over.

“With a new class of technology at our fingertips, it is never a better time to be a game developer. We build Frostbite 3 to be state of the art – a world class engine that is more powerful than anything we have every created for. It is apiece of technology that really challenges us to use new ideas, iterated and create new ways to entertain people.

“The power of Frostbite leaves us with no excuses. There is really nothing holding us back any more. As you all know, the best games out there are not about polygons or shaders – it is the emotional connections we make with players.

“Technology has helped us become better storytellers. With BF4 we are creating experiences which are dramatic, believable. The stress of the moment, the feel of imminent danger. The connection you have to the characters. It is all real, and very human.”
The game's executive producer, Patrick Bach, stated that the game is not about the technology but about human interaction. The game will be about war but it will also be about how the people you're controlling handle war.
“We are asking you, as a player to participate in these dramatic movements,” said Bach. “Movies always create believable scenes. We too want you to feel you are really there.

“BF4 is a seminal moment for the series. We will be bringing more of the dynamic moments from the multiplayer into the single-player. It is a directed gaming experience, but it much more open – just like our multiplayer.

“We also increased the depth by being able to direct your squad mates, use vehicles and destruction, and huge environments that give you more tactical choice. We will have a lot more to tell you and show you as the year goes on.”
Battlefield 4 is out this fall for the PC.

Via VG247