Ubisoft: "Really great triple-A games" still possible

Jade Raymond of Ubisoft Toronto recently stated that there is still room for "really great triple-A games".

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Raymond stated that even though mobile titles and mid-tier games are broadening the video game market, there is still room for the big budget ones.
“But the big publishers have to be honest with themselves – there’s only room for let’s say ten successful titles a year on those sorts of budgets. So you have to go all-in on those; you have to be sure you’ll have a hit, and when you make it you have to invest everything to make sure it’s amazing.”
Raymond stated that while big budget titles haven't lived up to their cost recently, there is a way to succeed if developers and publishers are smart about it.
“The audience for games is becoming broader and even core gamers who are used to buying games in boxes,are spending more of their time on mobile. So whether it’s long term gamers or the new generation who started out by playing free games on the web or mobile, we have a whole bunch of people who’ve been trained to think differently about the way they spend money on games.

“There’s an expectation to be able to try for free, and only spend money if they want to. We have to figure out how to make that type of thing work with console games as well.”
The most recent big budget title that comes to mind that hasn't sold as well as everyone thought is Tomb Raider.

What says you?

Via VG247