'SimCity' purchasers get one of eight free games

Don't like SimCity? Well, not to fret, dear friend, as Electronic Arts has got you covered. If you bought the newest building simulator through EA's Origin you're entitled to one of eight free titles for your troubles while the game was plagued with server problems.

You'll have until March 25 to register your purchased version and then you'll get to choose from the following titles:

- Battlefield 3 (standard edition)
- Bejeweled 3
- Dead Space 3 (standard edition)
- Mass Effect 3 (standard edition)
- Medal of Honor: Warfighter (standard edition)
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted (standard edition)
- Plants vs. Zombies
- SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

So, what EA is telling you is if you don't like SimCity 5 you can have a free copy of SimCity 4. Awesome!

Scammers, the lot of 'em.

Via Kotaku