'Destiny' was almost what it isn't

Bungie, developer to the upcoming sci-fi shooter - Destiny, has admitted that it came very close to making the game a modern day fantasy title.

In a recent interview with OXM, Bungie's writer and design director Joseph Straten stated;
“We thought of a good handful of other genres as well. We’ve had a pretty long pre-production period and we explored everything from straight-up fantasy to something a little bit more modern to many, many other things as well.”

“Ultimately we gravitated towards this mix of science fiction and fantasy because it gave us this freedom. You saw small things like the prevalence of cloth in the game, a lot of characters have capes or cloaks and the combatants have cloth as well.

“Fantasy brings us this texture that we can wrap around sci-fi, which is really appealing, especially if you’re an artist who’s just been stuck making straight up space armour for ten years. A bit of cloth is very refreshing.”
I might have liked a modern day fantasy title where you're running around with manna and an M-16.

Via VG247