Blizzard offering up free character migration due to 'WoW' server queues

Blizzard has offered up free character migration for World of Warcraft players due to server queues instability.

According to PCGamesN, Blizzard is allowing players to migrate their WoW characters to another realm in the game for free because of the inconvenience. Queues on Tichondrius, Illidan, and Stormrage have the worst server waits.

Blizzard updated its blog to say;
“If the size of a realm’s population results in login queues and decreased performance, we conduct an evaluation to determine whether dispersing some of the population to other realms would represent the best means for resolving these issues. If so, we offer Free Character Migrations.”
However, if you choose to take advantage of this Blizzard offer you'll be migrating your character for free one way. You'll have to check out the terms and conditions if you're wanting to take the offer seriously.