Eidos talks Garrett redesign in 'Thief'

Eidos Montreal's upcoming reboot of the Thief franchise will feature a redesigned Garrett as the lead character, and for good reason.

In a recent sit down with Game Informer, the game's director Nicolas Cantin stated that Eidos Montreal was given all creative control over Garrett's character and how they were to design him.
“But we wanted to keep the main DNA of who Garrett was; we didn’t want to change that much because it was working already,” he said.

“He’s more, in the game, doing more action moves; we wanted the costume and the suit to reflect that.

“In the beginning he was more gothic; we toned down all the things that felt gothic, like black nails and things like that. We wanted to make him a little bit more mainstream. Yes, he’s a dark character, but we don’t want to say he’s a gothic one, even though the Victorian period feels really gothic.”
Cantin's previous work was designing Altair for Assassin's Creed, which he said was a similar process.
“It was the same thing I did with Garrett. Both were characters that can feel mystical and we had to make them more action-oriented figures. He needs to stand in a crowd of your NPCs and he also has to stand with all the other heroes on the market.

“People will often say oh he’s too white, he’s too black, he stands out too much – but really that’s a good thing. He has to stand out in a crowd of heroes.”
Cantin said that they wanted to make Garrett stand out as an "anti-hero" but also be popular.

Thief is said to be slated for a 2014 release.

Via Shack News