Kickstarter numbers down, crowdsourcing is a struggle

It would appear that the crowdsourcing operation Kickstarter is starting to see its numbers dip, and that can't be a good thing.

Analyst Michael Wolf from the research group NextMarket Insights has done his homework and believes that the number of projects on Kickstarter has heavily dipped in the past few months. Wolf's research shows that of the 89,000 projects started between June 2012 and February 2013 only 37,000 projects have gone on to become successful, meeting their mark. Those numbers have dipped though; in December 2012 only 2,366 projects were started.

Over $30M was spent on Kickstarter projects in July 2012 with the dollar amount dipping below $30M as of February 2013.

A Kickstarter spokesman speaking to VentureBeat stated;
"Kickstarter is still so new and this is just the beginning of the first chapter. Were committed to sharing our stats and hope it helps everyone understand the Kickstarter community better.
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