'World of Warcraft' 5.2 patch is a commitment

Blizzard's World of Warcraft "The Thunder King" patch 5.2 is their statement of support for the MMO that suggests the game isn't going anywhere.

In a recent interview with NowGamer, Blizzard's Greg Street stated of the patch;
“I really want players to get the message that this is a commitment of Blizzard and the World Of Warcraft team, and this is the type of content players can expect year after year.”

“Sometimes, there’s the risk that players say ‘gosh, this games been going on for nine years, certainly it’s winding down or it’s something Blizzard is putting out to pasture and isn’t really going to support much anymore.”

“But this huge patch is our example of no, World Of Warcraft is alive and well and as long as we keep having so many players, we will keep making the best content we can possibly make.”
Here's a schedule of events that are set to take place for the patch.