'Witcher 3' will be about 50 hours long

CD Projekt RED's upcoming title, The Witcher 3, will last you around 50 hours to complete the RPG.

Your saved games from The Witcher 2 will dictate what characters return to the sequel however Geralt's backstory will be the same no matter what you did in past titles. CD Projekt have never stated if there was ever a proper ending to The Witcher 2.

Your Axii spell will be returning but it will be used for taming horses in the wild this go around. A new fire spell, Ignii, will allow Geralt to burn things.

The day/night cycles in the game will dictate what animals you can hunt and what you will encounter in the wild. Towns will be more interactive and create more problems for you. Citizens will be more inclined to watch your every move and make it harder for you to get away with things.

Geralt's level cap will be raised to 60 and he'll also be able to jump, for the first time.

The Witcher 3 is coming to the PC, PS3, PS4, and 360.