PC is lead platform for 'Watch Dogs'

Ubisoft Montreal have confirmed that the PC is the lead platform for their upcoming futuristic sandbox title, Watch Dogs.

In a recent interview with Indie Gamer, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot stated that the PC is their platform of choice and will later be ported to both the PlayStation 4 and - presumably - the next Xbox.

The main reasoning for the PC as the lead platform, Guillemot said, is that the PS4's technology makes it much easier to port titles than before.
“We expect fewer problems with porting games to the PS4 than the PS3, which had a completely different infrastructure. Previously, we developed games first on the Xbox 360 and then translated them onto the PS3. It took a lot of time and money to port.”
If what Guillemot says is true, can we expect the PC to be the lead platform more often due to accessibility of the PS4?