Crystal Dynamics to examine 'Tomb Raider' multiplayer post-launch

Developer Crystal Dynamics wants to examine some more multiplayer options for its upcoming title, Tomb Raider, after the game launches.

In an recent interview with OXM, the game's creative director Noah Hughes stated that the dev team would examine more multiplayer options post-launch.
Were anxious to continue to play with ways that people could tomb raid together. With Guardian of Light, the tone and the story supported side-by-side play in the campaign; this time around, its less appropriate and we tried to do more of a complementary experience, hoping it would have a lot of replay ability and people can just jump in and have fun.

Those are just two of our explorations into multiplayer in the Tomb Raider universe, and we are anxious to see what else we can do in connected play. The key point is that neither will represent the single blueprint that well iterate on. Were looking at whats appropriate for the time.
It's not clear whether or not he's talking about post-launch DLC, a patch update, or just new ideas for a future game. I guess we'll see when the game launches next week.