Uplay gets EA & Warner Bros. titles

Ubisoft have announced that their Uplay service will be getting Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. titles through EA's Origin service.

In a recent interview with Uplay director Stephanie Perotti stated that the Uplay service now has 50 million users and 15 partners ready to launch between 25 and 30 titles.
“We’ve been working on this for some time,” she said. “We’ve been launching our own Uplay shop, and we wanted to make sure we offer a good experience from the start so we had to work on both the technical setup and all the negotiation with partners, and we thought the timing was good after the release of very strong PC titles from Ubisoft but also from partners.”
The publisher's revealed to be partnering with the service are:

- Warner Bros.
- 1C Softworks
- bitComposer Games
- Bohemia Interactive
- Encore Software
- Focus Home Interactive
- Freebird Games
- Iceberg
- Nordic Games
- Paradox Interactive
- Recoil Games
- Robot Entertainment
- TellTale Games
- Torn Banner Studios

“We are also talking to many more partners, we’re looking into adding more partners to the Uplay shop in the coming weeks and months,” Perotti continued. “So we want to have a broad offer, and we also want to provide another place maybe for some of the indie developers or smaller publishers to get in touch with an audience and we have a pre-launch user base that we think can be also beneficial to these developers and publishers.”
Uplay has been in existence since 2009 when it launched with Assassin's Creed II, the service began adding PC titles in 2012.