Torn Banner handing out free 'Chivalry' DLC as "investment"

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare developer Torn Banner have released a pretty large content update for the action title, and it's free!

In a recent interview with Destructoid, Torn Banner president Steve Piggot stated that money wasn't the point with the free DLC, it was an "investment".
“Everyone finds something that works for their business – that’s fine. I just think for us it’s more important that people are happy than they are constantly paying for this subscription model."

“We are still planning to do expansion packs that cost money, but we’ll always have free stuff for the community.”
The new content holds 13 new maps, five new weapons, and three new game modes.
“We worked four months to do that thing, that would have made more money if we charged for it, but we are investing in the long term by investing in our fans,” Piggot said.
If you haven't played Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, what are you waiting for?