Randy Pitchford on 'Borderlands': "the only choice"

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford labels the devs title Borderlands as "unique" and states that the shooter is "the only choice" for everything.

Speaking at the DICE Summit 2013, per GamesIndustry, Pitchford stated that making gamers choose between your game and someone elses' title isn't always the best route to go.
"We make a deal with our audience... Come into my world, abide by my logic, and if you trust me there will be a payoff, a sense of gratification and accomplishment," Pitchford said.

"We have to establish our credibility, we have to validate the promise early on, and then we have to deliver the goods. It's the same in almost all entertainment mediums," he said.
Pitchford said he didn't want Gearbox to end up in the position of forcing gamers to choose one game over the other, which is why Borderlands caters to most gaming types.
“We don’t like going head-to-head with good things because we don’t want to be the loser,” he said.

“We blended genres in Borderlands so we were the only choice – we couldn’t be the loser among consumers’ choice. It’s not a Coke or Pepsi decision – it’s a yes or no decision.”