'WildStar' announced

Carbine Studios and NCSoft have revealed their next upcoming sci-fi MMO, WildStar.

The developer have released a couple of videos featuring three factions within the game; Exile, Explorer, and Soldier. You can also get a ton of info through the game's blog.

Here are some features you'll find in-game:

- The Exile Faction: Comprised of a loose group of cast-offs and mercenaries (best described by a human member of the Exiles in this introductory video), the Exiles were forced from their home planets and banded together out of necessity. They were the first to settle Nexus.

- Deradune: A new zone full of savage wildlife, both native and introduced. It’s the starting zone for a new race that we’ll be talking more about next week.

- The Soldier Path: Designed to cater to players who prefer combat gameplay. Soldiers are given special path-specific quests and actions that provide a varied combat experience, as outlined in the in this Choose Your Path video.

- The Explorer Path: The choice for map completionists and in-game orienteers. The Explorer Path is all about getting to that high peak and areas others can’t reach. The particulars of the Explorer are explained in this Choose Your Path video.