Kock Media not trying to become the next THQ

New Saints Row owner, Koch Media, has stated that their not aiming to become the next THQ.

The company's CEO Klemens Kundratitz, in a recent interview with, stated that he's been doing everything he can to avoid the same mistakes that did in the former Saints Row owner.
“Many people didn’t really see us as a player in the industry. They didn’t really understand what we’re doing. I appreciate that we now get more of the spotlight with these new IPs, but, having said that, we are not ambitious to be the next THQ.”
Koch Media is beginning to attract attention as a publisher to be reckoned with, what with their Deep Silver hit Dead Island and now Saints Row. Kundratitz spoke about Koch Media gearing up to make a run on the games market;
“We have always tried to find our own way, and do business in a way that we believe is right for us. We don’t want to copy other people’s success stories.

“We are passionate about Deep Silver, and we are obviously investing significantly now, but at the same time we have a strong, value-added distribution business in Europe, which will continue to be a tent-pole in the future.

“And the third element is our film business, which we are also growing here in Europe, where we acquire film rights and we exploit them in the movies, in home entertainment and on TV. Those three elements of the business are all in a growth phase. Standing on three legs rather than one is still quite a good idea as far as we’re concerned.”
Koch Media also purchased the Metro IP and developer Volition.