Junction Point closes, Disney lays off more than 50

According to a report, Disney has laid off more than 50 employees with the closing of the Epic Mickey studio Junction Point.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Disney has laid off more than 50 employees from various locations to go along with the closing of in-house video game developer - Junction Point.

In an email sent to employees, Disney Interactive Co-President John Pleasants commented on the closing of the Epic Mickey studio;
"Our division operates in a rapidly evolving industry and as a result we must sometimes make difficult decisions to ensure were meeting market demands. Unfortunately, today this meant announcing changes within Disney Interactive Games, including the closure of Junction Point Studios in Austin.

"These decisions are never easy, or taken without serious thought and consideration, but they are essential in order for Disney Interactive to remain competitive and win.
"I want to thank Warren Spector and the team at Junction Point for their tremendous passion, creativity and dedication in building the Epic Mickey games franchise. They have made an indelible mark on Disney Interactive and we truly appreciate their contribution to the ever-growing vault of Disney [intellectual property]. A sincere thank you goes to all of our employees for their continued hard work and commitment."
Epic Mickey 2 did not sell as well as Disney or Junction Point thought it would, leading many to believe as the reason for the studio's closure.

We should hear more about the layoffs when Disney issues its quarterly earnings on February 5.