Rubin: "THQ could have survived in a digitally-focused industry"

Former THQ headman Jason Rubin has spoken out about the publisher's downfall saying that the company could have survived digitally.

In an interview with Game Informer, Rubin stated that THQ could have prospered if this financial crisis had come just a few years from now, as digital business models would be more profitable and THQ's assets would have pulled more money.
“I believe that in the near future, digital distribution and alternate business models will bring a greater percentage of dollars spent on games back to the publisher/developer.

“Based on that change, in a few years, a THQ would be able to survive, and larger publishers will be even more profitable. But the next few years of transition are going to be incredibly challenging for all triple-A game companies.

“Clearlake was to provide the capital to bridge THQ to that eventuality. Time will tell if I am right, but unfortunately I will not be able to prove the idea with THQ.”
Could THQ have survived in a digital only world? That remains to be seen, but it might have been easier for the company to crawl out of the hole if their assets were strictly digital.