teamPixel starts crowd-funding option to purchase former THQ IP

teamPixel, LLC has started a crowd-funding option to purchase the former THQ IP, Homeworld.

With Relic being purchased by SEGA, the Homeworld IP was left untouched and teamPixel sees this as the perfect opportunity to acquire a property they think is worth something. You can view the developer's "Save Homeworld" campaign through that link.

The campaign's mission statement reads;
“13 years ago, one of the most legendary sci-fi games was released, and the space RTS genre took a giant leap forward in innovation and fun.

“Yet, somehow, nearly 10 years later, fans are still waiting for the next installment of the Homeworld franchise. We here at teamPixel, LLC are tired of waiting for the next Homeworld game and would like to rally fans together to bring the franchise back.

“The THQ bankruptcy has given all of us a massive opportunity to put Homeworld back in the hands of gamers. teamPixel respectfully requests the support of Homeworld fans everywhere in helping us raise funds to acquire the Homeworld franchise from THQ during their bankruptcy.”
If teamPixel succeeds with the crowd-funding route, they plan to release the first Homeworld title through GoG and Steam. They also plan on creating Homeworld Touch for mobile devices. Homeworld 3 is also in teamPixel's plans.

teamPixel is a little known developer mostly responsible for smaller mobile apps and web design, they're not exactly versed in game development. The crowd-funding route needs to next teamPixel approximately $50,000 to accomplish everything their mission statement reads.

Are you a Homeworld fan?