'SimCity' beta testers could be banned for not doing their jobs

According to the Origin terms of service, SimCity beta testers who fail to report bugs within the game could be banned from Origin altogether.

A bit harsh, no?

This report examined the TOS for the service and noticed this little bit;
“It is understood and agreed that, as part of your participation in the Beta Program, it is your responsibility to report all known bugs, abuse of ‘bugs’, ‘undocumented features’ or other defects and problems related to the Game and Beta Software to EA as soon as they are found (‘Bugs’). If you know about a Bug or have heard about a Bug and fail to report the Bug to EA, we reserve the right to treat you no differently from someone who abuses the Bug. You acknowledge that EA reserve the right to lock anyone caught abusing a Bug out of all EA products.”
SimCity's beta takes place on January 25.

Via VG247