'Akaneiro' Kickstarter launched

Spicy Horse have launched the Kickstarter for their upcoming title Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

The game, which is a take on the classic fable of Red Riding Hood, was said to no longer be "free-to-play" opting for a more business like pay model. However, the game's Kickstarter page clearly states that the game will be free. Here's an updated business model Spicy Horse thought you should become familiar with:

- The game will be free-to-play
- There will be a number of free playable maps
- The exact number of free maps will be determined in the upcoming beta
- Additional content will be available for purhcase
- Additional content will also be able to be purchased via the in-game's currency - Karma
- Other items for sale will be cosmetic items and additional Karma

The Kickstarter has already garnered nearly $10,000 towards the established goal of $200,000. The game has 29 days left on the crowd sourcing site.

You can pledge some money for the game here.