Spicy Horse's 'Akaniero' will cost you

Akaniero, the latest title from American McGee's Spicy Horse, will not to free-to-play like first thought. Instead the developer is opting to go with a more traditional business model.

The revelation actually came in a forum post over on the game's official site. A couple posts later revealed more details about the switch, most notably the fact that the game won't use a subscription payment service. There will be a one-time cover charge with Spicy Horse releasing premium DLC expansion packs over the life of the game. The developer is said to also be looking at in-game purchases although they don't want to "disrupt" or "restrict regular play".
“The pricepoint will be very low. This is an indepedent release from a smaller development team – we won’t be pricing it like Diablo or even Torchlight,” the developer confirmed.
Spicy Horse had planned to launch a Kickstarter for the game but those plans seem to be in limbo right now. The game is attempting a planned release via Steam's Greenlight service.

The game has a JRPG feel to it and is a different take on the classic fable of Red Riding Hood.

Via VG247