Report: 'Tomb Raider' multiplayer to include "Team Deathmatch", "Rescue" modes

When Square Enix announced that the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot would be getting multiplayer support, gamers were understandably upset.

However, if done correctly, multiplayer can make a "good" game "great". It's what Crystal Dynamics is aiming for with their recent announcement of the late-in-development, tacked-on multiplayer for Tomb Raider. According to reports, the game will feature at least two different modes; Team Deathmatch and Rescue.

In Team Deathmatch players you will assume the identity of either ship wreck survivors or scavengers (hostiles on the island), with teams alternating in a best of three. According to the report, the maps aren't too big and are equipped with traps, climbing walls, and destructible items.

In the game's Rescue mode players will work together to locate and deliver med-kits to drop off points around the maps. Scavengers will be opposing you trying to kill you to total a kill number to win. If you are injured in Rescue mode, your teammates can help you and even revive you.

There has been mention of a third mode "Cry for Help", which will feature players making "discovery and collection", but nothing official as of yet.

Lara Croft herself will not be available to play in multiplayer. The game is out in March.