'Dark Souls 2' will take place in new time period

From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki, in the latest issue of the Japanese game's magazine - Famitsu, said Dark Souls 2 will take place in new period.

The interview, which was translated by Gematsu, states that the upcoming sequel will have a new game engine and that the recent footage shown at the VGA's was not in-game.

It's no secret that Miyazaki is not developing the game, but he's been brought in to oversee the development of the game. Miyazaki did state however that the sequel will take place in the same world as the first title but will not necessarily follow the same set of events.

Miyazaki stated that paid for DLC - weapons, armor, and such - would probably not be in the plans for Dark Souls 2. He would not elaborate on whether or not the game would be getting DLC episodes however.

Dark Souls 2 is officially one of the most anticipated games for 2013.