'War Z' developer responds to Steam complaints

Amidst the Steam release of the War Z mod yesterday, many gamers complained that the game was missing some key features that had been promised.

Those disgruntled gamers took to Reddit to voice their displeasure. However, the game's developer - Hammerpoint Interactive's Sergey Titov - spoke out about the complaints.
“We’re constantly running surveys to ask our players what they think – how we’re doing. As of right now over 93% of our customers like the game, with over 40% saying it’s perfect and around 50% saying it’s good, but they’d like to see more polishing and features,” he said.

“Yet, 4% don’t like the game and decided not to play it, and 3% hate the game. My point is that absolute majority of our players are supporting us, yet, yes, players who don’t like the game will be very vocal about it.”
One of the complaints that gamers are having is that the game is still in a testing phase but Titov states that is simply not true. Another complaint is that the game's Hardcore mode is missing. Titov has remained steadfast that gamers are simply overlooking the Hardcore mode and it is available.

Other complaints, such as missing private servers and skills, Titov stated that the Steam page for War Z will be updated to indicate that these features will be releasing for the game at a later date and are currently unavailable. Other, more nitpicky complaints that some gamers are having is that the map is much smaller for the Steam version; However, Titov said that map is not smaller but did not elaborate on a comment he made about there be server limits for Steam.
“I don’t see ‘LIE’ in saying ‘up to 100 players per sever’ and having the current limit at 50 players,” he said.

“We’ve just lowered the number of players per map down from 70 based on requests and votes from our players. Ie – we’ve had 70 players per server – which was what we felt was the ‘comfort level’ for this map, but when we asked our players about it, the majority voted for 50 slots per server. So we did exactly what our community and our players asked us for.”
We'll keep you updated on any future news regarding the Steam release of War Z.